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  • Introducing The Golden Clock: Is A Flexible Schedule The Key To Productivity?
    by Steve Farber - October 5, 2016
    If you listen to politicians, especially those aspiring to live in the big, white home on Pennsylvania Avenue, you might think your happiness is directly tied to their victory in the election.Turns out, that’s not big factor; having control over your time is.Sure, policies from on high may occasionally affect your day-to-day feelings. But the president of the United States isn’t going to tell you it’s OK to take off a few h...
  • How to Make Your Customers Love You? Wrong Question.
    by Steve Farber - September 30, 2016
    If we want to make our customers love us, then we … well, wait a minute … Scratch that. We can’t make our customers love us. We can’t make anyone love us. That’s simply not how it works. Love is a gift we freely give and that’s freely given back to us. The same applies to our business or to any other enterprise or organization. So if we want our customers to love us – our brand...
  • How To Change The World One Pizza At A Time
    by Steve Farber - September 28, 2016
    Byron Stephens has helped Marco’s Pizza grow to more than 700 stores in 35 states and three countries. That type of expansion often kills a culture; in fact, while Marco’s growth numbers looked great on paper, employee morale began to nosedive.As an organization, they were falling victim to the classic “Growth Trap.”Stephens joined Marco’s Pizza in 2004 when it was a successful but regional chain operating 110 stores in thr...
  • High Turnover Is Not A Recruitment Problem, So What Is It?
    by Steve Farber - September 23, 2016
    [I’m happy to share this guest post from my friend and colleague, Michael Kennedy—a veteran of the automotive industry and renowned automotive recruiter. Aside from the specific statistics, the challenges and solutions that follow apply to all industries. Read on! –SF] Car dealerships, like many other organizations across the nation, continue to face a hiring and retention epidemic. They’ve figured out how to move a lot of...
  • Get Out Of Your Office
    by Steve Farber - September 8, 2016
    Some of us remember the days when we could lock ourselves in the office, turn off the phone, and put the outside world on hold. But now—what with texts, social media updates, instant messages, and the incessant vibrating and chiming of our mobile devices that deliver them—we are always connected.Or are we?Ironically, the very technology that is designed to connect us with one another often separates us from our team and pre...
  • 5 Words You'll (Still) Never Hear on the Campaign Trail
    by Steve Farber - August 22, 2016
    [Note to my readers: I first wrote and published this post four years ago in our last US presidential election cycle. Just out of curiosity, I flipped back into my blog archives to see if what I’d written then would still apply.Well, what do you know? Seems to me that, given this particularly unusual and contentious election contest, it’s even more relevant today.Whether you’re leaning left, right, or other–politically spea...
  • The Power of Vulnerability
    by Steve Farber - August 5, 2016
    In a previous post, I listed “Vulnerability” as one of 5 Great Leadership Risks.power of vulnerabilityIn movies, leaders tend to be shown as super strong and svelte, dressed in an impenetrable and dashing suit with a walk that means business and talk that means taking action at all costs. It’s all about encompassing that “no funny business” demeanor and giving a stone-cold stare in the face of death. Now, that’s entertainme...
  • The Case for Love as a Hard-Core Business Principle
    by Steve Farber - July 29, 2016
    Psychologists tell us that all emotions, decisions, and actions are rooted in one of the two basic human motives: love or fear. Love gives rise to things like generosity, respect, joy, patience, honor, understanding, honesty, growth, and abundance; fear creates greed, selfishness, deception, bitterness, and stagnation.Choosing love, then, is not something that should be restricted to personal or romantic matters. Love is pr...
  • Your Energy is Contagious (So Make Sure It's Positive)
    by Steve Farber - July 22, 2016
    Like it or not, as a leader you have a significant impact on the energy around you at work. You’re either generating passion, enthusiasm and drive in people, or you’re sucking it out of them. Your ideal, therefore, is to display positive energy in everything you do. I know it’s a tall order; but, ultimately, the success of your company will depend on whether you can share this energy with others and foster consistent enthus...
  • 10 Public Speaking Tips for Company Leaders
    by Steve Farber - July 15, 2016
    After my two and a half decades of experience as a leadership keynote speaker (or what many generically call a motivational speaker), I’ve learned a few things about the craft that will help you in your public speaking endeavors, too.Whether you’re addressing your team, company, audience, or meeting, this infographic of 10 Tips will help you set the stage.So to speak.