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  Bad Credit? Employer Credit Check? No Worries!
by Judi Perkins - May, 2010
In addition to drug testing and often fingerprinting, companies both national and international have also required credit checks. But it’s become more the norm than the exception, because with the extreme number of people applying, companies have implemented it as a means of indicating a candidate’s character. Unfortunately for the many who have been out of work so long they’ve destroyed their credit, a credit check strike...
  Ace The Interview! Steps (A) Through (Z)
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
A) Write down: the name of the person calling to arrange the interview, the name and title of the person with whom you will be interviewing and the time and location of the interview. B) Gather as much information as possible about the company – history, size, clients, mission statement, etc. C) Select proper interview attire. D) Verify location. If possible, drive to the location the day before to assess commute time...
  Create Harmony & Fulfillment By Creating Practices That Work
by Beverly Jones - May, 2010
Our routine practices – our normal ways of doing things – shape much of our time, even though we may not be conscious of these habitual patterns. But we have the power to transform our lives by examining our own activities, and replacing some of our habits with a new set of practices that are both mindful and rewarding. This kind of mindful “practice” is close to the conscious, regular activity you might undertake if you pu...
  Where Do Job Leads Come From?
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
That’s what most job seekers want to know! “What is the most likely source for finding the right job?” and “Where should I focus my time?” Questions that make sense to ask… however, are very difficult to answer! MANY times, the best job leads come from the most unlikely sources! The best job lead may come out of the blue! Over the last four years, I’ve helped lead a job networking group and teach an 8-week class on job...
  Why Helping Others Improve Helps YOU
by Andy Robinson - May, 2010
Nothing else compares to the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of helping other people bring their dreams to life. Beyond the intrinsic satisfaction, however, is the true power of this principle -- When you help improve the lives of other people, your own life will many ways. When you consistently undertake efforts and actions to help other people grow, you create important cause-and-effect results: W...
  College Graduate? Tap into your Alumni Career Services for Free Job-Search Tools!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
(Career Transition Action Plan Part III) Are you a college student who needs a job? Are you a recent graduate who needs a job? Are you an alumnus from way back, who needs a job or is in career transition? Would you like to re-energize your job search and tap into low cost or free resources? If so, read on... This article is the 3rd in a series for career changers, people in career transition and job seekers....
  Will Your Resume Get You an Interview?
by Patricia Erickson - May, 2010
Is your resume ready for your career change? Does it generate enough impact to get interviews with perspective employers? Be sure it does before you send it out! Let's say you're a teacher and your contract was not renewed. Your district made budget cuts and the inevitable finally happened - your job was eliminated. You saw the writing on the wall long before your job was eliminated and you went back to school for nursing....
  Just The Facts Please
by Liz Handlin - May, 2010
Do you want to drive a recruiter or resume writer crazy? Then be sure and give long rambling monologues as answers to simple questions. Just like in the movie, "Dragnet", resume writers and recruiters are looking for. "Just the facts, ma'am". If you hire a resume writer you should be prepared for an interview (some use questionnaires instead of personal interviews) in which you will be asked questions like "what kind of bud...
  Resume Formatting and Content
by Liz Handlin - May, 2010
I have worked with a lot of clients over the years and most of them tend to land jobs pretty quickly after they have a completed resume. But times are tough and it tends to take longer for almost anyone to find a job and when people don't find jobs as quickly as they would like they tend to second guess nearly every aspect of their job search. Am I wearing the right kind of interview suit? Did I offend the interviewer? Why...
  Who Should You Listen to When it Comes to Resume Advice?
by Liz Handlin - May, 2010
Once you embark upon a job search your resume, perhaps previously gathering dust in a file drawer, will become the most important document you own. Job seekers have a tendency to show everyone they know a copy of their resume; many of them seem to weigh each opinion equally and continuously edit the resume based on the most recent "great advice" they have been given. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what you need...
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